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During lockdown I had to stop travelling, which meant my photography and video work slowed, so for the past year I have been mostly concentrating on designing websites.


Most of my website clients want to have their hands held to guide them through the process of taking an idea to a fully functioning live site. This is how I like to work too.


I can still remember commissioning my own first site, and I hadn't a clue what was going on until the designer guided me through all the stages, so I completely understand that starting a new website project can be scary. My job is to take away the fear and make it all happen.

If you're looking to create a new website these are the services I can offer, plus lots of hand-holding

Domain Name Registration - finding the right name for your business and helping you register the ownership​. That's the www. bit.

Website Design - chatting with you to better understand your needs, your business, and who you want to reach out to. Then we'll design the site together

Website Hosting - as well as paying to use a design template you'll need to have the website hosted to be visible to everyone else

Email Hosting - make sure your emails get to you from your website

Google Optimisation - making sure you have a presence on Google, so you stand the best chance of coming up in searches

Photography and Video Content

With my other hat on, I can also help out with photography, portraits and video content

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